Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hands and feet are just not limbs.

Hey Guys. Today I got to thinking that Hands and feet are just not limbs. We are called as the body of christ to be the hands and the feet of god. We are called to show his love do good works. We are called to love. We are called to minister to other people and we are called to do whatever christ would do as we are being his hands and feet. We, who belong to the Church, are the living parts or members of Christ's body. "Christ is the head of the Church and saves the whole body" (Eph 5:23). Just as Christ is the vine, He is the head of His body, giving life to the members and bringing about their salvation. Paul uses the analogy of the human body in showing that all parts must cooperate for the good of the Church: "Not you together are Christ's body; but each of you is a different part of it" (I Cor 12:27) 
Are we going to sit back and watch or are going to be Jesus hands and feet. Weather its reaching out to your community or just a friend or a church member in need. God looked down on no one but he loved everyone the same. Dont let your perceptions of someone or something slow you down. There is a quote that I like that says " If your vision doesnt intimidate you, its probally insulting to God."    Dont be an insult be a "limb" Do as christ would do. Todays song is a song called Hands and feet by audio adrenaline. As you listen to it you try to think what it would mean for you to be Christ hands and feet. Step out of your comfort zone. In your own comfort zone there is no room for growth. 

An image flashed across my TV screen
Another broken heart comes in to view
I saw the pain and I turned my back
Why can't I do the things I want to?
I'm willing yet I'm so afraid
You give me strength
When I say

I want to be your hands
I want to be your feet
I'll go where you send me
I'II go where you send me

And I try, yeah I try
To touch the world like
You touched my life
And I find my way
To be your hands

I've abandoned every selfish thought
I've surrendered every thing I've got
You can have everything I am
And perfect everything
I'm not I'm willing,
I'm not afraid
You give me strength When I say


This is the lifetime I turned my back on you
From now on, I'll go so
Send me where You want me to
I finally have a mission
I promise I'll complete
I don't need excuses
When I am your hands and feet                               <<<<<<<<link to video


  1. Good thoughts. Casting Crowns' song "The Voice of Truth" aplies to this as well. One negative: Always capitalize Christ and God when you are writing of God the Father. Just pointing it out, not complaining. Your doing fine.

  2. well i do normally just not today. I even thought about it too i just didnt.