Thursday, November 17, 2011


Do you realize how powerful we are because of who we serve?  There is so many times that we cry out to God, We ask him to take us to the next step in life, in our relationship with him. We he brings us there it is not always a breeze through it. For some of us it can be a trial, For some of it it could be something from your past that you need healing from. Whatever it may be if God brings you to it God will bring you through it. We serve a Big God  We can not even begin to imagine the depths of his love for us. Well then when God does bring you to a trial dont just stop and say im done continue to press on because its in those times that we dig deeper and it is in those times that we realize How big our God really is. God never promised that it would be an easy road to take he only promised that we would not go alone. He is always with us. If we continue to press through those times the best will be yet to come. God uses trials to strengthen our relationship with him but if we have the mindset that we can not press on or we dont want to keep going or work through this we will never experience the best. God uses trials for training for something thats going to happen in the future weather it is helping somone that needs that expereince or something else.  Dont give up because God does hear your prayers and his timing is perfect. Dont pray for him to take you out of a hard situation. But if he doesnt take you out he will hold your hand and help you through it every step of the way. Gods just awesome like that and he can do that because he is a big loving God.  Todays song is "Stay with me" by Barlow girl

Hope is getting through this night
And life is not dying in this fight
I'm begging you to deliver me ooh ooh ooh
Confused why you won't take this pain from me 

My steps never felt so hard
The end never look so far but
If you won't take me out
Then please take me through this

Stay with me so I won't leave
And make me see that this is not forever
'Cause all I need is your love pulling me

What is the reason for this night
Is hope found in moments with no light
Does strength grow in our greatest fears
God I pray something good will come from this pain

With you here I know
I don't go alone
I am yours and so
Through the fire I'll go

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